Without the high cost of streaming services you can get better equipment and on-air talent to elevate your program while offering educational opportunities for your students. You can even use your broadcasting platform to stream other events like graduations, award ceremonies, and more!

Integrate Your Current Provider

NFHS Network

Already using a streaming service? No problem! You can connect your broadcasts directly into our apps and websites – giving your fans an official platform for YOUR program.

CTE Approved

Mascot Media’s broadcasting platform provides the opportunity for additional curriculum and classes to prepare students for careers in broadcast journalism while helping the school receive the certifications needed for both funding and school accreditations.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you offer FREE Streaming at No Cost?

Mascot Media was founded to empower interscholastic athletics with the use of emerging technologies and sport management services. Your Sports Network is your most valuable content, others have been feeding off it for years. We believe that by providing your staff and students the tools, great things will happen by empowering you with your own broadcast network. We sell a maximum of five, ten second pre-rolls and use that to cover your monthly bandwidth and support costs. We also assume all the risk, if these ads are not sold, you still get FREE Service.

How do we generate revenue?

All in-broadcast ads, sponsors, instant replay ads, pre-game, post-game, line up, and audio plugs sold and fulfilled by the school are 100% retained by the school. We provide you with a Commercial Advertising Package to empower your staff, boosters and students to generate annual recurring revenue for your program. We can even assist in the management of these ads and provide business services to save you time.

Do I have to stream through Mascot Media?

No, but if you want your broadcasts on the apps and websites we manage of you, your service provider will need to provide us with a compatible audio & video format. Compatible formats, Video: YouTube, Apple HLS, RTMP to name a view and for Audio, we work best with Icecast and Shoutcast streams.

Will my fans have to pay to watch our broadcasts?

No, just as the app and website are FREE to access by your community, so are your broadcasts. We do not do Pay-per-View or Subscriptions to access your content. FREE access generates larger user numbers and the more users engaged in your program the higher your exposure and revenue from commercials. This benefits your supporters greatly as they need exposure to help grow their business.

What can we broadcast? Any limits?

We want you to broadcast everything that runs, dribbles, tackles or dives. You can broadcast as many sports as you want, we have no restrictions on the number of events or viewers. Football is the most common sport to be broadcasted, but what about Volleyball, Boys & Girls Basketball, Hockey, Soccer, Baseball, Softball, Cross-Country or even Dance Competitions? Soon, high schools will be broadcasting their entire athletic programs games, events, and shows building a community audience like the pros.

What equipment do we need?

You’ll need a computer or streaming machine like the LiveStream HD550, one or multiple cameras and your good to go. We will provide you with custom graphic packages, scoreboard, instant replay, lineup and game summary modules to look professional. We can evaluate your existing equipment or work with you to get a new streaming rig setup.